Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher

To become an Instructor

Do you want to become an Art Clay Silver instructor?

Are you as excited about working with Art Clay Silver? Do you want to master the techniques and would you like to pass your enthusiasm and knowledge to others through workshops and courses? Then the training to Art Clay Silver instructors may be for you!


The training system of Art Clay World has several levels, namely Level 1, 2 and "Higher".

During the course there will be made various jewelry. All projects deal with a different technique. The techniques are so aligned that after completion of training 1 and 2 all the usual techniques mastered. The course is taught by expert Teachers in small groups with which we guarantee optimum personal attention.

In addition to these three levels, there are more opportunities for you to further deepen and specialize through training and exams.

The training is given in various locations by specially trained Teachers. Here is a summary of the relevant Teachers. They manage their own agenda and bring the tuition directly in your account.

ArtClayCurriculumTeachers The Netherlands

Art Clay Curriculum Teachers Belgium

Art Clay Curriculum Teachers France

Do you have after reading the information on this site any questions about the courses you can contact sales through [email protected]

Benefits of an instructor

You have learned the techniques in the right way, so you achieve optimum results from Art Clay Silver.

In addition, the many advantages to officially de an Art Clay instructor are:
• There is a discount model to purchase products;
• You will be part of the instructors network that will be published on our website;
• You receive newsletters specifically for instructors;
• You can participate in promotional campaigns for consumers;
• Access to supplement training and instructor days;
• You can buy promotional material and special products for instructors;
• You can perform the Art Clay logo;
• It is possible to get support for your own promotion.

Note: Benefits are in some cases linked to your education level and your level of sales.