Level 2

Level 2

Training Level 2

Level 2 is only open to participants who are in possession of an Art Clay Silver Certificate Level 1.

In this three-day course will deepen and extend the techniques of training instead of level 1. This is done by means of producing four pieces. Further, in this course focus on the educational, organizational, commercial aspects of organizing, selling and giving workshops and courses. You will receive practical information handed that can help to set up a successful workshop or expand. The material required for the jewelry includes just like the instruction syllabus for the workpieces and a comprehensive manual for organizational and commercial aspects. The required tools are present. Furthermore, lunch, coffee and tea on the course days cared for.

The Level 2 course lasts 3 days.

Recommended Price Training Level 2

EUR 995,00 incl. VAT
EUR 822,31 excl. VAT

The course fee must be paid in advance and the registration is confirmed upon receipt of the fee. Registration can be arranged directly with the relevant teacher.

The pieces created during training to be evaluated by the Teacher in consultation with the Board of Examiners. If the result is satisfactory, you will receive the results and certificate Craft Lines. If the result is not sufficient then you get to the advice of the Teacher on what to do to succeed yet.

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