General Information

General Information

Make your own jewelry with silver clay , copper clay , bronze and gold clay!

With metal clay you make in a jiffy many special jewelry like earrings , rings and bracelets, without having to have previously trained as a silversmith. The possibilities are endless with clay , almost all conceivable forms. You can make it smooth and tight jewelry or decorative elaborate jewelry , possibly in combination with glass , UV resin , porcelain or stone decorations .

The various types of metal clay that may be obtained from Craftlines :

Art Clay Silver Clay
Art Clay Silver is malleable silver. It looks like regular clay but is composed of silver powder , organic binder and water. The clay is easy to form and that gives you endless options when making your own jewelry . The clay turns into pure silver when heated. The binder namely burns and the water evaporates.

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Art Clay Copper clay
Copper Clay is on the market since 2009 and is made in Japan . The clay is composed of microscopic particles of copper with a binder and water. After firing remains pure buyer . Clay feels like ordinary clay and also edit as such and to combine with other materials. Finish frying is at a very high temperature (970 ° C) in a ( ceramic) or oven with a burner.

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Prometheus Bronze clay
Source Clay is only since 2009 on the market and is made in Turkey. It is a combination of microscopic small particles bronze with water and an organic binder material. After firing remains pure bronze over . Source Clay can be processed like regular clay and even be rotated on a potter's wheel. Again, the possibilities are enormous. Baked clay source only in the ( ceramic) oven at 700/750 ° C.

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Art Clay Gold Clay
The basic principle for working with clay is the same as gold silver clay , however, the heating temperatures and times are different.

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Want to make your own personal jewelry ?
Then we recommend you to first follow a workshop at Art Clay Silver certified instructor. You learn to work well with the clay and to apply the tools in the correct manner . Moreover, it is very cozy!
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