As well as using the right materials you also need a clear explanation of the different techniques and the right way to use the various tools. This explanation can be found in the various books that Pergamano has published over the last few years. But experience shows us that Parchment Craft is much more fulfilling when you also follow classes with a Registered Pergamano Teacher. These Teachers have been trained through the International Parchment Craft Academy and therefore have the necessary expertise to guide students through to the high standard that is so essential for good Pergamano® Parchment Craft. Courses can be given at home, in a craft shop or public place like a library or a community centre.

Nothing is more enjoyable than learning the tricks of the trade and at the same time meeting people who share the same interest.

Another advantage of following a course is that you are kept informed about the latest materials and new techniques. Registered Pergamano® Teachers are kept advised of the new Pergamano® products and also follow further update training courses organised by the International Parchment Craft Academy.

For an overview of teachers in Great Britain click here to download.

For an overview of teachers in the rest of the world click here to download.

For addresses of teachers in your area you can contact the Parchment Craft academy by an e-mail at  [email protected].